F5 acquires NGINX for $670M to move into open-source, multi-cloud services

Multi-cloud architecture is a huge trend in enterprise, and today F5 made a big move to bring its own business closer to it. The company, which provides cloud and security application services, announced that it has acquired NGINX, the commercial company behind the popular open-source web server, for $670 million.
We’d actually been hearing murmurs of this acquisition for a while, with a price tag of around $700 million. On top of that, our sources say NGINX was shopping itself around, and other companies that had been looking at it included Citrix. That deal fell apart on price.
NGINX had last raised money nine months ago, a $43 million round led by Goldman Sachs to fuel expansion, and had positioned itself as a strong alternative to F5 in recent years. (It had not disclosed its valuation in that round.) F5 itself, by coincidence, was said to have retained Goldman Sachs in 2016 to

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Debian Package Maintainer Steps Down, Complaining About ‘Old Infrastructure’

Michael Stapelberg, maintains “a bunch” of Debian packages and services, and says the free software Linux distro “has been in my life for well over 10 years at this point.”

Today he released a 2,255-word essay explaining why he’s “winding down” his involvement in Debian to a minimum, citing numerous complaints including Debian’s complicated build stack, waits of up to seven hours before package uploads can be installed, leading to “asynchronous” feedback — and Debian’s lack of tooling for large changes.

The closest to “sending out a change for review” is to open a bug report with an attached patch… Culturally, reviews and reactions are slow. There are no deadlines. I literally sometimes get emails notifying me that a patch I sent out a few years ago (!!) is now merged. This turns projects from a small number of weeks into many years, which is a huge demotivator for me.


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The Official Android Beta Community Moves From Google+ To Reddit

With Google+ being shutdown in just a few weeks, the official Android Beta community announced that it will be leaving the dying social media site in exchange for Reddit. The group on Google+ was home to over 163,000 members. Android Police reports: The community’s new home will be r/android_beta. In an official announcement, the Android Beta team says they’ll keep a close eye on the subreddit for feedback and will use it for announcements and updates. There’s nothing there just yet, but when the Android Q beta hits, we’re sure things will get much busier. For now, just make sure you subscribe and keep in mind that you have a second address where you can send all your Q beta complaints — the first is obviously our tips inbox.

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Install MongoDB Community Edition 4.0 on Linux

MongoDB is an open source no-schema and high-performance document-oriented NoSQL database (NoSQL means it doesn’t provide any tables, rows, etc.) system much like Apache CouchDB. It stores data in JSON-like documents with dynamic schema’s…
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Dockerizing Laravel with Nginx MySQL and Docker Compose on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

In this guide, we’re going to show you how to Dockerize the Laravel project with PHP-FPM, MySQL database, and the Nginx web server using the Docker Compose on the Ubuntu Server 18.04. We’re going to create a new docker image for the Laravel Project, and then create the docker-compose.yml script that contains some services including, the App/Laravel itself, Nginx web server, and MySQL database.

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How to Install FFmpeg in Linux

FFmpeg is one of the best multimedia frameworks that contains various tools for different tasks. For example the ffplay is a portable media player that can be used to play audio/video files, ffmpeg can…
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