AAUP investigation finds Vermont Law School violated shared governance when it stripped tenure from most faculty

Vermont Law School violated shared governance when it moved 14 of 19 total tenured professors to contingent appointments without faculty involvement or approval, according to a new investigative report from the American Association of University Professors.

The finding — based on a site visit and interviews with affected faculty members and administrators — means that AAUP members may vote to sanction the law school when they gather next month in Washington for their annual meeting.

In a lengthy response to AAUP’s report, included therein, the law school says that it had to act quickly to close a $2 million budget gap, and that professors were in fact encouraged to involve themselves in the process.

Involuntary ‘Restructuring’

In May and early June of last year, the school’s dean and other administrators informed the 14 affected faculty members that their appointments would be terminated as of July 1, 2018. These professors were given a memo citing a projected $1.1 to $2.3 million

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Invoking Building Insights APIs using Node-RED

This brief tutorial will show you how to invoke a Building Insights API from a Node-RED application.
IBM Cloud account – sign up if you don’t have an account yet.
Create a Node-RED starter application.
This tutorial assumes that you are familiar with IBM Cloud and how to create a Node-RED starter app.
Also, you will need the username and password that is provided in your Building Insights Welcome Letter.
Estimated time
Completing this tutorial should take about 30 minutes.
1 Import the demo flow into Node-RED
Let’s work with the demo flow that I’ve provided in a JSON file. Open the JSON file, and copy the contents to a clipboard.
In your Node-RED editor, from the Node-RED menu, choose Import > Clipboard, and then paste the contents of the JSON file into the dialog.
2 Authenticate with the Building Insights Login API
All of the Building Insights APIs are secured via a bearer token. Therefore, the first step is to

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