Some Original Berkeley Unix Pioneers Still Work On The FreeBSD Project

Slashdot reader sfcrazy writes:
The Linux Foundation hosted the executive director of the FreeBSD Foundation, Deb Goodkin, at the Open Source Summit in San Diego. In this episode of Let’s Talk, we sat down with Goodkin to talk about the FreeBSD project and the foundation.

“How did they let you in?” jokes their interviewer.

“They didn’t realize that FreeBSD was not a Linux distribution,” the executive director replies. “No, but seriously, they’ve been very welcoming to the FreeBSD community and wanting to include our voice in conversations about open source.” FreeBSD is about five and a half million lines of code, versus 35 million for Linux, so “If you want to learn, it’s a great way to learn… Someone said they believed that they were a great Linux sys-admin because of knowing FreeBSD.”

Founded in 2000 in Boulder, Colorado, the FreeBSD project is a 501(c)(3) — a public charity — where

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SCO, the Not-Walking Dead, Returns

It appears that the once cancelled SCO Show has again been rebooted after a federal judge okays an appeal.

SCO. There’s a name I’ll bet you thought you’d never hear again. Guess what? It’s back.
Wasn’t there a Bond film called “Live to Die Another Day.” Even if there wasn’t, that applies here.
When last we talked about SCO, in March, 2016, we told you this might happen, although Judge David Nuffer had all but put a bullet through the already dead and bankrupt company’s brain (there’s an oxymoron if ever I wrote one) on February 29, 2016. But exactly a month after the judge’s ruling, the company had somehow managed to scrape together enough spare change to pay the filing fee for an appeal. Today, the 10th US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that that the appeal could go on, on a claim of misappropriation, but upheld Judge Nuffer’s other two orders.

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