QR code use grows in popularity but poses hidden risks

The use of QR codes has risen during the pandemic as they offer a perfect solution to contactless interaction. But many employees are also using their mobile devices to scan QR codes for personal use, putting themselves and enterprise resources at risk. A new study from security platform MobileIron shows that 84 percent of people have scanned a QR code before, with 32 percent having done so in the past week and 26 percent in the past month. In the last six months, 38 percent of respondents say they have scanned a QR code at a restaurant, bar or café,… [Continue Reading]

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Why is Dropbox reinventing itself?

According to Dropbox CEO Drew Houston, 80% of the product’s users rely on it, at least partially, for work.
It makes sense, then, that the company is refocusing to try and cement its spot in the workplace; to shed its image as “just” a file storage company (in a time when just about every big company has its own cloud storage offering) and evolve into something more immutably core to daily operations.
Earlier this week, Dropbox announced that the “new Dropbox” would be rolling out to all users. It takes the simple, shared folders that Dropbox is known for and turns them into what the company calls “Spaces” — little mini collaboration hubs for your team, complete with comment streams, AI for highlighting files you might need mid-meeting, and integrations into things like Slack, Trello and G Suite. With an overhauled interface that brings much of Dropbox’s functionality out of the OS

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Say goodbye to Swype

Android and iOS users who are not happy with the stock keyboard on their device have lots of third-party options to choose from. Among the established alternatives is Swype, which has been available for nearly five years on Android and over three on iOS. It’s actually one of the first third-party keyboards I tried on both platforms. Swype, however, hasn’t really caught on in quite the same way that, say, SwiftKey has, which is likely the reason why the company behind the app, Nuance, has announced that it’s reached “end of development.” In other words, Swype users, your favorite keyboard… [Continue Reading]

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Arrow Launcher for Android exits beta and becomes Microsoft Launcher

It came as something of a shock to people when Microsoft first released an Android launcher in the guise of Arrow Launcher. Now the company is making it more obvious who is behind the app, bringing the launcher out of beta and relaunching it as Microsoft Launcher. Joe Belfiore only very recently admitted that Windows Phone is dead, and this is something that is borne out by Microsoft’s increasing interest in developing iOS and Android software. What may well come as a surprise to many is that Microsoft Launcher is actually a decent piece of software. See also: Joe Belfiore… [Continue Reading]

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Xposed Framework is now officially available for rooted Android Nougat devices

If you’ve ever rooted an Android phone, you’ve almost certainly heard of the Xposed Framework. This remarkable software allows for near limitless customization of Google’s mobile operating system through the use of numerous add-on modules, eliminating the need to use custom ROMs. After months of waiting, Xposed Framework is now officially available for Nougat. The software has been made available more than a year after the launch of Nougat, but the good news is that the day has finally arrived! The software has been in the works for some time now, and it’s thanks to the hard work of XDA… [Continue Reading]

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Android is more popular than Windows… for getting online

We already know that interest in Windows 10 is on the wane, but now Android is more popular than any version of Windows with Internet users. Google’s mobile operating system has overtaken Windows as the preference for getting online for the first time. Usage figures published by StatCounter show that Android accounted for 37.93 percent of the worldwide OS Internet usage share in March. Windows is not far behind at 37.91 percent, but Android taking the lead is being described as a “milestone in technology history.” The fact that Android is now topping the charts can be attributed to the… [Continue Reading]

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Google Assistant is coming to all smartphones with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and up

If you like the idea of Google Assistant but didn’t like the fact that it was tied to the Pixel range, there’s some good news. Google has announced that the handy helper is making its way to all Android 6.0 Marshmallow and Android 7.0 Nougat smartphones. The roll out starts this week, and brings Siri- and Cortana-like voice control to millions of Android users. Earlier today at MWC 2017 in Barcelona, the newly-announced LG G6 became the first non-Pixel device to offer Google Assistant, and Google now says that the feature is coming to “eligible Android phones running Nougat and… [Continue Reading]

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Warning: most Android VPN apps are insecure

VPN software can be used to not only circumvent geoblocking, censorship and ISP blocks, but also to remain anonymous online. At least that’s the idea. If you’re an Android user who has a VPN app installed on your phone or tablet, the chances are that it is not safe. Research shows that the majority of VPN apps to be found in Google Play contain spyware or malware, leak data, or include tracking components. This is in stark contrast to what most people would expect from such apps, and users are warned to double-check the choice they have made. TorrentFreak shares… [Continue Reading]

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Open source CyanogenMod is shutting down… but forked Lineage will rise from its ashes

For Android hackers and tweakers, CyanogenMod represents mobile OS nirvana — an open source alternative to Google’s official Android, complete with frequent updates. The bad news for fans is that Cyanogen, the company behind the operating system, is closing down operations: with virtually no warning. Coming at a time of year when few people are paying much attention to what is going on in the world of tech, the announcement that nightly builds will be discontinued by the end of the year comes after staff layoffs earlier in the year, and premature rumors that the company was shutting up shop.… [Continue Reading]

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