Locast is a Nonprofit that Offers Free Local TV Streaming

Can an upstart nonprofit called Locast succeed where the now defunct Aereo service failed and find a way to deliver local TV broadcasts over the Internet without incurring the wrath of the federal government, not to mention Comcast?
Aeroe, for those who remember, claimed that it used arrays of antennas—one per subscriber——o capture OTA (over the air) TV broadcasts and deliver them to viewers via Internet streaming. The company was quickly sued and put out of business!
The idea behind Locast, which went national on August 2, 2018 and is expanding, is that there is a federal law which allows a nonprofit organization to boost local OTA TV signals—to “translate” them in the parlance of the law—with the goal of expanding the range of local TV coverage. So, Locast is structured as a nonprofit, and so far it has not been sued. If you want to read the actual law used as

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Comcast launches its Xfinity TV app into beta on Roku

 Comcast’s Xfinity TV application launched into beta today on Roku, offering both live and on-demand programming, including local broadcast stations as well as public access and government channels. It also lets customers watch their cloud DVR recordings. But make no mistake: this isn’t really an app for cord cutters for the time being. To use the app, most Comcast customers… Read More

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Roku Unveils All New 4K, HDR-Compatible Streaming Set-Top Boxes

If you’re shopping for a TV today, a 4K model should be on your list
, preferably one that supports HDR
—and today Roku unveiled two new set-top boxes that stream both 4K and HDR video right to your set, proving the point. Read more…

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Roku introduces five new set-top boxes, features 4K and more

Today is a big day for Roku. The company has never before introduced this many new players to its lineup or carried some of the features now available. The new lineup should contain something for just about everyone, including those on a budget. In fact, a budget is where the lineup begins. The new Roku Express features 1080p support for only $29.99. Perfect for those looking for a second box in another room. If you’re still living with an older TV then you can pay $39.99 for the Express+, which comes with a composite jack and a/v hookup — those… [Continue Reading]

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Grab your popcorn, AMC lands on Roku

AMC doesn’t always show the latest films, but it does land some big names from Hollywood, and of course it’s responsible for producing some excellent original content. It’s become a go-to channel for surfers looking for something to watch. Now the entertainment network is coming to that tiny set-top box in your living room. The channel debuts just in time for the mid-season launch of Fear the Walking Dead. If you’re into zombie apocalypses then that’s certainly for you. Roku claims “Customers who subscribe to AMC through a participating cable, satellite or telco provider can stay current with full episodes and… [Continue Reading]

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