What Hunting Bigfoot Taught a Republican Congressman about Misinformation, Political Extremists, and Grift

Republican congressman Denver Riggleman was once a defense contractor for America’s National Security Agency. But in 2004, he paid more than $5,000 to join an amateur expedition searching for Bigfoot. Not because he believed in the mythical ape-like creature said to live in the woods, according to the Washington Post, but “to indulge a lifelong fascination: Why do people — what kind of people — believe in Bigfoot?”

“Now in one of his last acts as a Republican congressman from Virginia, Riggleman is asking the same questions of QAnon supporters and President-elect Joe Biden deniers.”
Months after his ouster by Rep.-elect Bob Good (R) in a contentious GOP convention, Riggleman has become one of the loudest voices in Congress warning of the infiltration of conspiracy theories into political discourse… To Riggleman, the book, “Bigfoot… It’s Complicated,” mirrors the way pockets of the country are falling into conspiracy wormholes — everything from

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Trump campaign sues Pennsylvania over ballot drop-off sites

US President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC) sued Pennsylvania Monday over absentee ballot drop-off locations.
The suit targets the elections boards of all 67 counties in the state. It says that “Free and fair elections are essential to the right of Americans to choose through their vote whom they elect to represent them.” It continues by contending that “Upending our entire election process and undermining ballot security through unmonitored by-mail voting is the single greatest threat to free and fair elections.” The complaint is seeking a to block all counties from counting absentee ballots unless they are mailed by voters directly to their county election office or dropped off in person. Such a ruling would prohibit the use of remote drop off sites statewide.
The suit also alleges that the Commonwealth has engaged in the “illegal implementation of unmonitored mail-in voting which provides fraudsters an easy opportunity to engage

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Cracking The Code On Trump Tweets

jIyajbe writes: From Electoral-Vote.com: “A theory has been circulating that the Donald Trump tweets that come from an Android device are from the candidate himself, while the ones that come from an iPhone are the work of his staff. David Robinson, a data scientist who works for Stack Overflow, decided to test the theory. His conclusion: It’s absolutely correct. Robinson used some very sophisticated algorithms to analyze roughly 1,400 tweets from Trump’s timeline, and demonstrated conclusively that the iPhone tweets are substantively different than the Android tweets. The former tend to come later at night, and are vastly more likely to incorporate hashtags, images, and links. The latter tend to come in the morning, and are much more likely to be copied and pasted from other people’s tweets. In terms of word choice, the iPhone tweets tend to be more neutral, with their three most-used phrases being ‘join,’ ‘#trump2016,’ and

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