Zorin OS 12.4 Linux distribution is here — switch from Microsoft Windows 10 now!

I’m not a Microsoft “hater” at all. With that said, I am not a fan of the state of Windows 10. The privacy issues alone are a reason to avoid the operating system, but that is hardly the only concern. For instance, Microsoft has been pre-loading tiles for games like Candy Crush and other apps — a move that shows major disrespect towards its customers. Not to mention, the “Insiders” program is just a way for the company to get free beta testing — Microsoft is all too happy to treat Windows 10 users as guinea pigs. It is all… [Continue Reading]

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Linux Mint developers planning big Cinnamon 4.0 improvements

Linux Mint is one of the most popular Linux-based desktop operating systems for a reason — it’s really good. By leveraging the excellent Ubuntu for its base, and offering a top-notch user experience, success is pretty much a guarantee. While the distribution primarily focuses on two desktop environments — Mate and Cinnamon — the latter is really the star of the show. Cinnamon is great because it uses a classic WIMP interface that users love, while also feeling modern. With Cinnamon 3.8, the Linux Mint Team focused on improving the DE’s performance, and today, the team shares that it is… [Continue Reading]

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Canonical releases Minimal Ubuntu for servers, containers and the cloud

There’s a new version of Ubuntu on the block — Minimal Ubuntu. It’s been stripped right back to the bone to leave a tiny footprint, and these back Linux distros  should boot 40 percent faster than a standard Ubuntu server image. Despite the reduced footprint size, Minimal Ubuntu retains all of Ubuntu’s standard tools (such as ssh, apt and snapd) and maintain full compatibility. Designed for cloud developers and ops, Canonical says that the release is intended for completely automated operations, and as such much of the user-friendliness has been stripped out, but it’s still ideal for used in KVM,… [Continue Reading]

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How to restrict access to the ONLYOFFICE editors to the users of your Nextcloud instance

Nextcloud integrated with ONLYOFFICE allows users to build a private cloud office on their own server and get a total control over the data stored there. To deploy and integrate them, just follow the instructions of this tutorial.

Original URL: https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/how-to-restrict-access-to-the-onlyoffice-editors-to-the-users-of-your-nextcloud-instance/

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Ubuntu Linux-powered Dell Precision 7530 and 7730 ‘Developer Edition’ laptops finally available

Back in May, we reported on several Ubuntu Linux-powered Dell Precision “Developer Edition” mobile workstations that would be released in 2018. At the time, only one of these laptops was available for purchase — the Precision 3530. Of course, the needs of all Ubuntu users cannot be met with just one machine. Thankfully, starting today, two more of these laptops become available for purchase. The Dell Precision 7530 and 7730, as they are called, are 15-inch and 17-inch laptops, respectively. “When it comes to pure power, these machines are unmatched. In fact, the 7730 is also the first AI/ML ready mobile… [Continue Reading]

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Linux Mint 19 ‘Tara’ now available for download with Cinnamon, MATE, and Xfce

Things have been quite exciting lately for fans of Linux Mint. The much anticipated MintBox Mini 2 is available for purchase, and we learned Linux Mint Debian Edition 3 should be available next month in Beta. Of course, what fans of Linux Mint have really been looking forward to is the release of Tara — version 19 of the operating system. It was supposed to be released by the end of June, and today, it just makes it in under the wire. Yes, Linux fans, you can download Linux Mint 19 “Tara” immediately. You can choose between three desktop environments –… [Continue Reading]

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