KDE Plasma 5.15 Released

jrepin writes: Today, KDE launched Plasma 5.15, the first stable release of the popular desktop environment in 2019. For this release the Plasma team has focused on hunting down and removing all the paper cuts that slow you down. Plasma 5.15 brings a number of changes to the configuration interfaces, including more options for complex network configurations. Many icons have been added or redesigned to make them clearer. Integration with third-party technologies like GTK and Firefox has been improved substantially. Discover, Plasma’s software and add-on installer, has received tons of improvements to help you stay up-to-date and find the tools you need to get your tasks done. For a more detailed list of features/changes, you can browse the full Plasma 5.15 changelog.

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Netrunner 18.03 ‘Idolon’ Debian-based Linux distribution available for download

As Windows 10 continues its trend of being a bloated and confusing mess (tighten it up, Microsoft!), Linux-based operating systems continue to be an excellent alternative. There are no shortage of great Linux distributions from which to choose either — Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint — you can’t go wrong. For those converting from Windows, one great choice is Netrunner. This is a Debian-based operating system that leverages the KDE Plasma desktop environment. It is very reminiscent of the much-loved Windows 7. The OS comes pre-loaded with a lot of useful software, and Linux beginners will really benefit from that. Today, a… [Continue Reading]

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Netrunner Rolling 2018.01 KDE-focused Manjaro Linux-based operating system is here

There are many Linux-based operating systems out there, but not many I would call great. My absolute favorite is Fedora, as I am a GNOME fan that likes using a distro that focuses on truly free and open source software. Not to mention, it quickly gets many updated packages while also retaining stability. So yeah, Fedora is great. Another great Linux distro? Netrunner Rolling. This Manjaro-based operating system uses KDE Plasma for its desktop environment. As the name implies, it follows a rolling release, meaning it is constantly being updated to fresh packages — no major upgrades needed. It has a… [Continue Reading]

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Linux Mint Is Killing the KDE Edition

BrianFagioli quotes a report from BetaNews: While both the Cinnamon and Mate versions of Linux Mint are decent choices for computer users, there was one version that was always utterly bizarre — the KDE Edition. Don’t get me wrong, KDE is a fine environment, but Kubuntu already exists. Having a version of Mint using KDE was redundant and confusing. Thankfully, today, the Linux Mint team announces it is finally killing the KDE edition. “In continuation with what’s been done in the past, Linux Mint 18.3 will feature a KDE edition, but it will be the last release to do so. I would like to thank Kubuntu for the amazing work they have done. The quality of Plasma 5 in Xenial made backports a necessity. The rapid pace of development upstream from the KDE project made this very challenging, yet they managed to provide a stable flow of updates for us

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Manjaro Linux 17.0.2 Arch-based operating system is here with GNOME, KDE, and Xfce

Many Linux snobs push the Arch operating system as the greatest thing since sliced bread. In fact, some members of the Arch community (not all of them) can be downright mean and unpleasant to non-users. Not using Arch? Ugh. Peasant! In reality, while Arch is a fine OS (stable and fast), it can be very hard to install and set up, and quite frankly, often not worth the hassle. People have lives to live, and sometimes it is easy to forget that an operating system and associated computer are tools — not a religion. But OK, if you want the benefits… [Continue Reading]

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KDE Plasma 5.8 LTS Desktop Officially Released

prisoninmate writes from a report via Softpedia: KDE will celebrate 20 years of activity on October 14, 2016, and they’ve just released the first LTS (Long Term Support) version of the KDE Plasma desktop environment. Prominent new features of KDE Plasma 5.8 LTS include support for desktop widgets, a new system-wide search functionality that promises to let users easily search their KDE desktops for everything they want, including apps, music, videos, files, folders, etc., a new tool to get hot new stuff for your KDE Plasma desktop, such as wallpapers, widgets, desktop effects, or window styles, and infinite customization possibilities. Moreover, KDE Plasma 5.8 LTS comes with a unified look for the default Breeze theme so that, no matter what type of application you’re using (Qt4, GTK2, GTK3, or Qt5), it will look the same, mobile phone notifications, along with the ability to use your smartphone as a PC remote,

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Linux Mint 18 KDE Now Available

Clement Lefebvre, otherwise known as the man behind Linux Mint, announced on Friday the release and immediate availability of the final version of Linux Mint 18 “Sarah” KDE Edition OS. Sarah KDE has been available in beta for a few months now, but you can get the Live ISO images from the company’s website. The new version is based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) distro, Lefebvre said. The new version comes with Plasma 5.6 desktop environment and associated apps. BrianFagioli writes: If you have at least 2GB of RAM, the Linux-based operating system could bring your aging computer into 2016 and beyond. Plasma offers plenty of options to ‘make it yours’, but it can sometimes be confusing — there can be such a thing as too much choice. If after installing it you find it overwhelming, I would suggest going with the tried and true Cinnamon desktop environment instead.

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Netrunner 17 ‘Horizon’ is here — download the Kubuntu-based Linux distro now


About a week ago, the Netrunner team released an update to its rolling release operating system. Based on Arch/Manjaro, I advised Linux beginners to steer clear, and instead opt for the Kubuntu-based variant. There are a couple of reasons for this. For one, the Ubuntu community is arguably friendlier and better for newbies — there are a ton of instructions and .deb files available too. More importantly, however, the rolling release could be less stable overall.

Well, the newest version of the Kubuntu-based variant, code-named ‘Horizon’, is now available. Whether you are a Linux expert, or just someone getting started, the beautiful KDE-focused operating system is a smart choice that I highly recommend.

“Netrunner 17 ‘s codename is chosen as an indication of a mature Plasma finally emerging at the horizon with another update of KDE Plasma, Frameworks and Applications. The desktop is now at Plasma 5.4.3 together with KDE Applications 15.08.2 and many more programs and libraries updated to their latest versions. Firefox with built-in Plasma support ships as 42.0.3”, says The Netrunner Team.

The team further says, “the ‘Desktop Configuration’ settings now features two Look’n’Feel Themes called BlackX and BlueX, which makes switching between completely different styles much easier now, while still allowing for customization in full detail. Netrunner 17 also ships a completely fresh set of wallpapers covering a wide range of different colors and styles”.


Don’t worry, the release is not all fluff. The following packages are updated too.

  • Linux Kernel 4.2.0~18
  • Plasma 5.4.3
  • Frameworks 5.15
  • KDE Applications 15.08.2
  • LibreOffice 5
  • Virtualbox 5
  • Kontact 5
  • Firefox 42.0
  • Thunderbird 38.3
  • Gmusicbrowser 1.15.2
  • VLC 2.2.1

If you want to download this amazing operating system, you can grab it here — try and use the Torrent link if possible. Unfortunately, only a 64-bit ISO is available. Netrunner will not be producing a 32-bit ISO for version 17, but is tentatively promising a 32-bit ISO for version 18 in the future. With that said, most people should have 64-bit compatible hardware nowadays, so I doubt many users will be negatively impacted (if any).

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