Handbrake 1.1.0 revamps user interface, adds Vimeo, YouTube and 4K presets

Popular cross-platform, open-source video transcoder Handbrake 1.1.0 has been released, and despite the version number increment is actually a major update. Handbrake allows users to convert video from a wide variety of formats — including DVD and Blu-ray — into MP4 or MKV files with support for a wide range of codecs, including x264, x265, VP8/9 and both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4. Handbrake 1.1.0 provides a major update to its user interface to provide a more logical and easy to follow workflow. It also adds new presets, filters and improves 4K and x265 support. The most visible change — of course — is… [Continue Reading]

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Google Web Designer 3.0 makes HTML 5 web content easy to build across multiple devices and platforms

Google has released Google Web Designer 3.0 Beta, its HTML5 content-producing tool for Windows, Mac and Linux. Although targeted primarily at advertisers, the tool can be adapted for other content too, and also supports JavaScript, CSS and XML. Version 3.0 introduces several new features. First, users are now able to change the ad environment via the File > Ad environment menu. When supported, users can switch between DoubleClick, AdMob, AdWords and Non-Google Ad easily. Users also gain the ability to quickly add components to the centre of the stage simply by double-clicking them in the Components panel. A new component for… [Continue Reading]

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LibreOffice 6 unveils OpenPGP support, ePUB filter and many more new features

The Document Foundation has unveiled LibreOffice 6.0 64-bit and LibreOffice 6.0 32-bit, a major new release of its open-source office suite for Windows, Mac and Linux. LibreOffice 6.0 adds a host of new and improved features, including support for OpenPGP signing and encryption, an ePUB filter and a new icon set. In addition, Writer users gain a powerful new spell-checking tool with professional-grade features. LibreOffice 6.0 is packed with new features. Suite-wide improvements include a new ePub filter, allowing users to save documents in the popular eBook format. Users wishing to customize the LibreOffice interface (right-click the toolbar and choose… [Continue Reading]

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Ghost, the open source blogging system, is ready for prime time

 Four long years ago John O’Nolan released a content management system for bloggers that was as elegant as it was spooky. Called Ghost, the original app was a promising Kickstarter product with little pizazz. Now the app is ready to take on your toughest blogs. O’Nolan just released version 1.0 of the software, a move that updates the tool with the best of modern blogging tools. You… Read More

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Store and synchronize your passwords with the free KeePassXC

Accessing your data is becoming tougher with two-way authentication, multiple password entry options and having to answer ‘secret’ questions where you can’t always remember the answer. The most obvious answer is to write down your information, passwords and other login information. Problem is, this is no good if you’re using your laptop on the road or working away from home. The solution is a dedicated password manager which will enable you to store and retrieve your login information from a single secure master pass. This means you only need to remember the single password to access the rest of your collection… [Continue Reading]

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OpenShot 2.3 ships with real-time video transforms

Open source video editor OpenShot has just hit version 2.3 in what the developer calls “one of the biggest updates ever.” Highlights start with a new Transform tool which enables moving and resizing video with the mouse, and gives you instant real-time previews. Razor mode quickly cuts clips or transitions with a click, and has keyboard modifiers to optionally keep either the left or the right side. Zooming in and out of the timeline is easier and more intuitive. Hold Ctrl, spin the mouse wheel and it automatically zooms in and out centered on your mouse position, just like an… [Continue Reading]

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Windows 10 Virtual Desktop Enhancer: a first look

Windows 10 finally brought virtual desktops to the PC with its Task View feature, but although the system is easy to use, it’s a little underpowered. Windows 10 Virtual Desktop Enhancer is an open-source portable application which extends Task View with some small but welcome extras. The first addition you’ll notice is a system tray icon displaying the number of the current desktop. It’s a handy extra way to keep track of where you are, and left-clicking it launches the regular Task View for switching. Desktops can have a name (“Work”, “Web”, “Games”, whatever you like), another way to help… [Continue Reading]

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Vivaldi introduces flexible screenshot tool, universal mute option for tabs

Vivaldi 1.7 has been released for Windows, Mac and Linux. It’s the brainchild of Opera co-founder Jon S von Tetzhner, and makes a good claim to be the most customizable web browser out there. The new release debuts some significant new features, including a fully functional built-in screenshot tool, more flexible options for muting sounds across multiple tabs and a host of other minor tweaks and enhancements. Vivaldi 1.7’s headline new feature is its built-in screenshot tool. It’s designed to make it easy for users to grab images of web pages via a new camera button that appears in the… [Continue Reading]

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Edit video in 4K for free with OpenShot 2.2

The future is Ultra HD, or 4K as it’s known to its friends. Ultra HD TVs and displays are slowly coming into the mainstream, and of course they’re being joined by 4K-capable cameras. But how can you edit that 4K video feed without having to splash out on expensive software? The answer lies with OpenShot 2.2, the free (and open source) video editor for Windows, Mac and Linux. It’s now capable of supporting 4K video editing, giving you all the tools you need to produce slick home video that looks great on your big-screen TV. OpenShot 2.2 opens with key… [Continue Reading]

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