After Six Years of Development, Amazon Kills Its Game ‘Crucible’ Within Five Months

“It’s the end of a rocky journey…” writes the Verge. After six years of developing the free first-person shooter game Crucible, Amazon launched the game in May, yanked it into closed beta in July, and then 14 weeks later cancelled the game altogether. Ars Technica reports:

This followed the game’s formal delisting from Steam in July, which followed painfully low concurrent player counts (as low as 200) that made it difficult for players to successfully matchmake with each other. Though the game launched with considerable attention, including a promotional blitz on the Amazon-owned game-streaming platform Twitch, it only briefly maintained a player population exceeding 10,000 users.

“…ultimately we didn’t see a healthy, sustainable future ahead [for] Crucible,” explains a blog post from Amazon’s Crucible team. The Verge reports:
The developers will be hosting a “a final playtest and community celebration” in the next few weeks, according to the blog. Once that’s done,

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100 Unofficial Mods Released for ‘No Man’s Sky’

Eleven days after its release, No Man’s Sky already has over 100 unofficial mods by fans intent on improving the game. “We don’t have time to wait for official dev tools to fix what can be fixed by us,” one modder told Motherboard. “We definitely want the official tools ASAP but honestly, the players need a game that actually launches and plays at decent FPS first.” An anonymous Slashdot reader quotes the article:
In an email to one customer, Hello Games revealed that it will be releasing patches this week and next which will “help to improve the experience further for players” but it is unlikely that the promised official modding tools will be released in the near future…

Among the [unofficial] mods available for anyone to download are ones to…replace the system font with one from Star Trek, disable annoying audio warnings, and replace a “Units Received” alert with “the

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Original ‘Doom’ Level Remade in the New ‘Doom’

An anonymous reader writes:
After the new Doom was released yesterday, Vice discovered its SnapMap feature had already been used to recreate one of the levels from the original Doom. “The original Doom thrived on a strong modding community, and id is supporting that tradition here in a great way.” Sharing videos for both the old and new versions of the E1 M2 nuclear plant map, Vice also applauded the interface for the new SnapMap tool, which lets users design their own levels, even on consoles. SnapMap includes tools for arranging objects, placing enemies, and even triggering events when a player reaches certain points in a level. “It’s incredibly easy to use considering how much you can do, and so far I’ve had little trouble uploading, downloading, and browsing for user-made levels.”
Newegg is also offering a $15 discount code for PC, Xbox One, or PS4 versions.

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