Time’s up! Microsoft is flipping the IE 10 kill switch in 2020

Microsoft has been trying to encourage users away from Windows 7 for a while now, with support officially ending next year. But it’s not just the operating system that is reaching the end of the line; Microsoft is also warning the remaining Internet Explorer 10 users that support ends in 2020, advising that it is time to migrate to Internet Explorer 11. In a warning posted on its IT Pro Blog, Microsoft says that after January 2020, Internet Explorer 10 will no longer be supported. The company states, quite definitively, that it will “not release any security or non-security updates,… [Continue Reading]

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How to use picture-in-picture mode in Chrome 70

The Chrome web browser was starting to get some bad press after problems with extensions and then concerns over automatic sign-ins. Google listened to the complaints and promised to do something about it — the result is Chrome 70. But Chrome 70 is about more than just security and privacy changes. Google has also used this released to introduce a handful of new features. One of the best is picture-in-picture mode (PiP) which lets you keep watching a video in an overlay while you continue to browse other sites. Here’s how to use it. See also: Chrome 70 introduces more… [Continue Reading]

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Chrome has a secret Material Design mode — here’s how to enable it

With the launch of Chrome 68 a few days ago, Google changed the way it handled non-HTTPS websites. But the browser update also hides a secret — a Material Design mode that you can enable by tinkering with the relevant hidden settings. The new look is currently available on the desktop and in the iOS version of Chrome, and it gives the browser a much cleaner, fresher look and a bit of a UI rejig. See also: Brace yourself for a slew of security warnings from Chrome Chrome will stop highlighting HTTPS sites as secure Chrome’s RAM usage is higher… [Continue Reading]

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Firefox gets speedier tab switching, a new accessibility tool for developers and more

Mozilla today released version 61 of its Firefox browser. By now, it’s no secret that Firefox is back in contention as a serious competitor to Google’s Chrome browser and while the new release doesn’t offer any groundbreaking new features, all of the new improvements and tools in Firefox 61 are good examples for why Firefox is worth another try.
Two of the new features focus on speed, something Firefox was sorely lacking for a while but now offers plenty of.
The first of these is tab warming, which essentially makes switching between tabs faster because Firefox already preemptively starts loading a tab (after a small delay) when you are hovering over it. Once you do click on that tab, much of the rendering has already been done, so switching between tabs now feels faster.
The other new performance-related feature is ‘retained display lists.’ Whenever Firefox renders a page, it builds a display list

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Firefox aims to win back Chrome users with its souped up Quantum browser

 The last half-decade hasn’t been great for Firefox marketshare. Chrome first overtook Mozilla’s browser back in late-2011 and now hovers above 60-percent, according to StatCounter numbers. But after a fair amount of struggles, Mozilla’s been undergoing an interesting sort of renaissance of late, and is banking on its new Quantum browser to bring bygone users back into the… Read More

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Vivaldi introduces flexible screenshot tool, universal mute option for tabs

Vivaldi 1.7 has been released for Windows, Mac and Linux. It’s the brainchild of Opera co-founder Jon S von Tetzhner, and makes a good claim to be the most customizable web browser out there. The new release debuts some significant new features, including a fully functional built-in screenshot tool, more flexible options for muting sounds across multiple tabs and a host of other minor tweaks and enhancements. Vivaldi 1.7’s headline new feature is its built-in screenshot tool. It’s designed to make it easy for users to grab images of web pages via a new camera button that appears in the… [Continue Reading]

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Google restores backspace functionality to Chrome, but there is a catch

It may seem logical that, when browsing, the backspace key would work to take you back to a previous web page. However, that isn’t the case with Google Chrome. Although this was an option in the browser previously, Google chose to remove it. The company has seen the light now however, and is bringing the feature back, no pun intended, although it isn’t changing the browser’s default behavior. If you don’t want to go to the effort of moving your mouse pointer to the back arrow at the left of the address bar to go back to the previous site,… [Continue Reading]

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Firefox 46 arrives, security and stability the order of the day for desktop users

Mozilla has released Firefox 46.0 FINAL, a relatively minor refresh of its desktop browser for Windows, Linux and Mac with no standout new features. Also released is Firefox for Android 46.0, which does at least include some noteworthy new features such as the ability to display previously cached pages offline and support for sync via Firefox Accounts. The desktop build contains just two new items, neither of which will set the pulses racing. The JavaScript Just In Time (JIT) compiler has been tweaked to tighten security of JavaScript code on web pages. Now code can be executable or writable, but… [Continue Reading]

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