Zorin OS 12.4 Linux distribution is here — switch from Microsoft Windows 10 now!

I’m not a Microsoft “hater” at all. With that said, I am not a fan of the state of Windows 10. The privacy issues alone are a reason to avoid the operating system, but that is hardly the only concern. For instance, Microsoft has been pre-loading tiles for games like Candy Crush and other apps — a move that shows major disrespect towards its customers. Not to mention, the “Insiders” program is just a way for the company to get free beta testing — Microsoft is all too happy to treat Windows 10 users as guinea pigs. It is all… [Continue Reading]

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How to access the new decentralized version of Archive.org

Archive.org is one of my favorite websites. It’s home to millions of free books, magazines, movies, software, music, games and websites, and you can spend hours there, discovering new (well, old), and amazing things. Archive.org has been around for many years, but there remains the danger that its content could get removed, or the site get taken down as a result of copyright claims, censorship, DDoS attacks, and the like. For that reason, Archive.org has created a decentralized — or distributed — version of its site. SEE ALSO: How to install Microsoft Windows Essentials tools — including Movie Maker –… [Continue Reading]

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LibreOffice 6.1 is here with new Windows icon theme

An office suite is regarded as an essential part of your daily work toolkit, whether you’re a big business or a retired individual wanting to keep on top of daily tasks. So you want to make the right choice, without spending a huge amount of money. Although it’s too easy to subscribe to Office 365 and use the suite across devices, we sometimes wonder if we really need the functionality? Do you use your word processor for more than a few essential documents or your spreadsheet to manage basic finances? If not, you might as well take a second look… [Continue Reading]

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Facebook API changes mean you can no longer cross-post from Twitter

Twitter users can no longer automatically cross-post to Facebook. The restriction has come about after Facebook made changes to the way third parties are able to make use of its APIs. It means that Twitter users who have connected their Facebook account to make it easier to post the same content on both services via Facebook Login can’t have their tweets automatically posted to Facebook. The — rather unsatisfactory — solution from Twitter is simply copy the URL of a tweet, and this can then be manually posted to Facebook. See also: Facebook wants you to stop using it so… [Continue Reading]

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New Kodi 18 Leia preview build arrives, download it now!

The Kodi Foundation is hard at work polishing up the next version of its hugely popular home theater software — Kodi 18 ‘Leia’. The updated software introduces a huge number of changes (you can view the full changelog here) and you can try it out now. SEE ALSO: New Kodi tool lets you configure new devices and download add-ons directly from developers on the fly The third and final alpha build is described as “quite solid to use as a daily driver for those who were brave enough to try it out” — and quite a few users have taken… [Continue Reading]

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HipChat and Stride to close as Atlassian sells assets to rival Slack

Slack and its rivals Atlassian have announced they are forming a strategic partnership that will see chat tools HipChat and Stride closed down. As part of the deal, Atlassian has made an equity investment in Slack, while Slack has acquired the intellectual property rights for Stride and HipChat Cloud. Moving forward, Stride, HipChat Cloud, HipChat Server and HipDhat Data Center will all be discontinued, and users will be offered a migration path to Slack — making it even stronger competition for Microsoft’s Teams. Slack says that the new partnership is driven by a joint vision, and Atlassian notes that “the… [Continue Reading]

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Google launches Titan Security Key… that is nothing to do with Yubico

Google now has its own hardware security keys — the Titan Security Key. These FIDO-compatible keys include Google firmware that verifies the integrity of security keys at the hardware level. The Titan Security Key offers secure hardware-based two-factor authentication, and is available to Google Cloud customers. The keys are similar to those offered by Yubico — so similar, in fact, that the company has gone out of its way to stress that it is not manufacturing the devices for Google. See also: Google (sort of) redirects Duck.com to DuckDuckGo after complaints of anti-competitive behavior from its search rival Google, Facebook,… [Continue Reading]

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Chrome has a secret Material Design mode — here’s how to enable it

With the launch of Chrome 68 a few days ago, Google changed the way it handled non-HTTPS websites. But the browser update also hides a secret — a Material Design mode that you can enable by tinkering with the relevant hidden settings. The new look is currently available on the desktop and in the iOS version of Chrome, and it gives the browser a much cleaner, fresher look and a bit of a UI rejig. See also: Brace yourself for a slew of security warnings from Chrome Chrome will stop highlighting HTTPS sites as secure Chrome’s RAM usage is higher… [Continue Reading]

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Linux Mint developers planning big Cinnamon 4.0 improvements

Linux Mint is one of the most popular Linux-based desktop operating systems for a reason — it’s really good. By leveraging the excellent Ubuntu for its base, and offering a top-notch user experience, success is pretty much a guarantee. While the distribution primarily focuses on two desktop environments — Mate and Cinnamon — the latter is really the star of the show. Cinnamon is great because it uses a classic WIMP interface that users love, while also feeling modern. With Cinnamon 3.8, the Linux Mint Team focused on improving the DE’s performance, and today, the team shares that it is… [Continue Reading]

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