Ubuntu Linux 20.10 ‘Groovy Gorilla’ is here with renewed Raspberry Pi focus

There are many Linux-based desktop operating systems these days. Some of them are great, while others range from mediocre to downright bad and unnecessary. When a new version of a Linux distro comes out, the Linux community takes notice, but largely, the world doesn’t pay it any mind. That is, of course, unless it is Ubuntu. Yes, Canonical’s Ubuntu is undoubtedly the most well-known desktop Linux-based operating system, and when a new version becomes available, it is a very big deal — even in the mainstream. This is despite that there is no real surprise in each release announcement –… [Continue Reading]

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Microsoft releases PowerToys v0.23.0 with promise of new Video Conference utility

It’s been around a month since Microsoft last updated PowerToys for Windows 10, so it’s nice to be able to report that a new version has finally been pushed out. PowerToys v0.23.0 is a release that focuses on “stability, localization and quality of life improvements”, and there are numerous fixes to the various the utilities that make up the suite. Unfortunately, there are no new tools in this version, but Microsoft has given an update about the upcoming Video Conference utility. See also: Microsoft resolves issue that wiped out many of its services Microsoft issues warning about actively exploited Zerologon… [Continue Reading]

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Fedora 33 Beta Linux distro with GNOME 3.38 now available for PC and Raspberry Pi

Fedora 33 Beta was scheduled to be released during September, and on the eve of the final day of that month, the pre-release operating system is finally here! Yes, if you love Fedora and want to give an early version of 33 a try, today is your lucky day. As you can imagine, Fedora 33 Beta comes with the excellent GNOME 3.38, which was only released a couple of weeks ago. The biggest change, however, is BTRFS being made the default filesystem — ext4 is no longer the standard. Wow. Also significant? The new default editor is nano. “Fedora 33… [Continue Reading]

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QR code use grows in popularity but poses hidden risks

The use of QR codes has risen during the pandemic as they offer a perfect solution to contactless interaction. But many employees are also using their mobile devices to scan QR codes for personal use, putting themselves and enterprise resources at risk. A new study from security platform MobileIron shows that 84 percent of people have scanned a QR code before, with 32 percent having done so in the past week and 26 percent in the past month. In the last six months, 38 percent of respondents say they have scanned a QR code at a restaurant, bar or café,… [Continue Reading]

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Why you need to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro and how to do it on the cheap!

By making Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro, Microsoft gave people a choice of operating system, but also caused some confusion. Just what is the difference between the two, and is it worth upgrading to Pro if your computer came with the Home edition installed? Well the answer to the second question is a resounding yes! This is definitely a worthwhile upgrade — and to show you why, we’re going to highlight all of the extra features and options Pro includes. If you decide that you do want to upgrade to Windows 10 Professional, we have a special offer… [Continue Reading]

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HyperX launches Alloy Elite 2 mechanical gaming keyboard with pudding keycaps

If you are a serious PC gamer, I hope you own a mechanical keyboard. Whether gaming on a laptop or desktop, you should absolutely have a high-quality mechanical keyboard and mouse plugged in. After all, there is a good chance your competition is using these things, so why should you be at a disadvantage? If you are in the market for a mechanical keyboard, I have good news. Kingston’s gaming division, HyperX, launches a new model today. Called “Alloy Elite 2,” it is the successor to the wildly popular first-gen Alloy Elite. This time, you get “pudding” keycaps, which feature… [Continue Reading]

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Microsoft releases Windows Terminal 1.0, download it now

At its Build developer conference last year, Microsoft took the wraps off its Linux-inspired Windows Terminal. This lets users access the Command Prompt, PowerShell, and WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) in the one place. Since then, Microsoft has been adding additional features, such as multiple panes and tab re-ordering, across a number of preview versions. Most recently the software giant added mouse support and duplicate panes. Today, at the virtual Build 2020, the company announces that Terminal has hit the 1.0 milestone. Microsoft says of the new Terminal: The Windows Terminal is a modern, fast, efficient, powerful, and productive terminal… [Continue Reading]

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Ubuntu Linux 20.04 LTS ‘Focal Fossa’ now available for download

There are many desktop Linux distributions these days, but only a handful are significant enough to cause widespread excitement. None have the mainstream attention that Ubuntu does, however — it is undoubtedly the most popular desktop Linux-based operating system on the planet. Hell, what other distro got mentioned on the wildly popular TV show The Big Bang Theory? But why is Ubuntu so popular? Despite what some critics may say, Ubuntu’s popularity and admiration are absolutely warranted — there’s a reason the distro has been trusted by so many people over the years. Not only is the operating system beautiful, easy… [Continue Reading]

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Google Translate app update introduces speech transcription functionality

The Google Translate application for Android may now be used to transcribe speech; the new functionality allows anyone to “transcribe foreign language speech as it’s happening”, according to Google. Google Translate Product Manager Sami Iqram describes the motivation behind the new feature. Recently, I was at my friend’s family gathering, where her grandmother told a story from her childhood. I could see that she was excited to share it with everyone but there was a problem — she told the story in Spanish, a language that I don’t understand. I pulled out Google Translate to transcribe the speech as it… [Continue Reading]

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