WordPress 5.0 ‘Bebo’ unveils new block-based editor and default theme

It’s time to embrace block-based editing. WordPress 5.0 has been unveiled, debuting a brand-new block-based editor designed to simplify the construction of web pages. The new release also unveils a new default theme, Twenty Nineteen. The new editor is basically the sole highlight for version 5.0, but those who don’t want to embrace it will be reassured by news that the Classic Editor will live on as a plugin, fully supported until 2021. The new block-based editor is just that: a new way to build web pages in WordPress. The results are exactly the same as those found with the… [Continue Reading]

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CHERRY launches compact MX Board 1.0 TKL mechanical keyboard for professionals

Mechanical keyboards can be great, but for a while, it felt like they were all designed for millennial gamers. Many of these keyboards look like futuristic alien devices — chock full of multi-colored RGB lighting and textured WASD key caps. There’s nothing wrong with that if you are a young gamer in his/her bedroom, but what if you are an adult professional that just wants a mechanical keyboard for typing? An appropriate product is much more elusive. Last week, Razer launched a mechanical keyboard designed for productivity, although it could still be used for gaming, of course. Today, famed manufacturer… [Continue Reading]

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Linux: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS will be supported for a full decade

Mark Shuttleworth has announced that Ubuntu 18.04 will be supported for ten years. Long Term Support releases of Ubuntu usually enjoy just five years of support, so this doubling is highly significant. Shuttleworth — the founder of Canonical and Ubuntu — made the announcement at the OpenStack Summit in Berlin, and the change is a tactical maneuver that will help Ubuntu better compete against the likes of Red Hat/IBM. It is also an acknowledgement that many industries are working on projects that will not see the light of day for many years, and they need the reassurance of ongoing support… [Continue Reading]

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Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ launches! 1.4GHz 64-bit quad-core processor, dual-band wireless LAN, and just $25

The Raspberry Pi was very much inspired by the BBC Micro — a popular British computer of the 1980s. The BBC Micro was available in Model A and B forms, and shortly after the Raspberry Pi Foundation introduced the original Pi 1 Model B+ in 2014, it followed it up with a cut-down A+ model. It didn’t offer an A+ version for the Pi 2 or 3 unfortunately, but today, it finally rights that wrong and brings back the popular bare-bones system’s smaller brother. SEE ALSO: New add-on board lets you watch TV on your Raspberry Pi You can now… [Continue Reading]

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Linux on DeX Beta can turn your Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet into an Ubuntu desktop

As Microsoft continues to sully the reputation of Windows 10 with buggy releases and other failures, Linux continues to be a great alternative. Slowly but steadily, consumers are starting to realize Windows isn’t necessary anymore. Hell, if Microsoft no longer cares about quality, and is satisfied to release deficient operating system updates, why does it deserve our money and attention? Linux is great because operating systems based on it can adapt to various hardware configurations — from meager low-powered computers to hardcore gaming PCs. Android phones are Linux-based, so it should not be surprising that Samsung is keen on transforming… [Continue Reading]

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Red Hat takes over IBM

So IBM is buying Red Hat (home of the largest Enterprise Linux distribution) for $34 billion and readers want to know what I think of the deal. Well, if I made a list of acquisitions and things to do to save IBM, buying Red Hat would have been very close to the top of that list. It should have bought Red Hat 10 years ago when the stock market was in the gutter. Jumping the gun a bit, I have to say the bigger question is really which company’s culture will ultimately dominate? I’m hoping it’s Red Hat. The deal… [Continue Reading]

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Linux-friendly company System76 shares more open source Thelio computer details

System76 has been making big news in the Linux community lately with its upcoming open source Thelio computer. Many Linux users have been clamoring for System76 to make its own hardware, and that dream will soon be a reality. Unfortunately, not much is known about Thelio hardware other than it is definitely a desktop computer that is built with open source ideology. Today, however, System76 shares new details and images about the computer with those that signed up for its email list. Probably the most exciting is the promise of an open source “daughter board” that will apparently strip the… [Continue Reading]

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Linus Torvalds is back in charge as Linux kernel 4.19 is released

After taking some time out from the Linux community to “change some of [his] behavior”, Linux Torvalds is back. In a post to the Linux Kernel Mailing List announcing the release of Linux kernel 4.19, Greg Kroah-Hartman — his temporary replacement — handed back the reins. After writing about the changes to be found in the latest release, Kroah-Hartman signed off by saying: “Linus, I’m handing the kernel tree back to you. You can have the joy of dealing with the merge window :)”. See also: After Torvalds’ apology, the Linux community is adopting a new code of conduct Linus… [Continue Reading]

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How to use picture-in-picture mode in Chrome 70

The Chrome web browser was starting to get some bad press after problems with extensions and then concerns over automatic sign-ins. Google listened to the complaints and promised to do something about it — the result is Chrome 70. But Chrome 70 is about more than just security and privacy changes. Google has also used this released to introduce a handful of new features. One of the best is picture-in-picture mode (PiP) which lets you keep watching a video in an overlay while you continue to browse other sites. Here’s how to use it. See also: Chrome 70 introduces more… [Continue Reading]

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