Per AP Stylebook, ‘Internet’ officially loses its capital letter today

internetWelcome to the first day of a lower-cased internet. At least, that’s what we’ll have if the AP Stylebook has its way. As I’ve mentioned before, the new edition no longer capitalizes “Internet,” and that edition hits the street today. The AP has a reasonable justification for its new lower-cased stance:

“The argument for lowercasing Internet is that it has become wholly generic, like electricity and the telephone. It never was trademarked and is not based on any proper noun,” Tom Kent, AP Standards Editor, said in a statement. “The best reason for capitalizing it in the past may have been that the term was new. At one point, we understand, ‘Phonograph’ was capitalized.”

I personally still plan to continue capitalizing “Internet,” at least for a while, simply because that’s how I learned the word. It’s not just any old internet, which is what we call a network that connects multiple computer networks together. It’s the Internet. The big enchilada. I suppose I still have more in common with my father, who still yells at the TV when newscasters split infinitives, than I might have expected.

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AP Stylebook comes to e-book format

1-2015-ap-stylebookThe AP Stylebook is a singularly important newsroom resource, used in English-language newspapers and magazines all over the world to provide guidelines on things like whether to hyphenate “email” and a zillion other formatting niceties that no one person can ever remember all of. With that being the case, it’s a little surprising it’s taken as long as it has for an e-book version to come out, but it finally has. (A PDF version has been available for a while, but that’s really barely an e-book at all.)

For just $9.99 on Kindle, or presumably other digital platforms, you can now own a fully “interactive e-book” edition of the 2015 AP Stylebook. While the article isn’t clear on exactly what makes the e-book “interactive” and whether it is any more so than a regular e-book, even having it as a regular e-book means that it can now be text-searched. And at least a digital version will be more manageable than that annoying spiral binding.

Sadly, you’ll have to re-buy the book once it hits its 2016 edition, as it gets updated every year. But $10 for such a resource isn’t bad.

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