After a For-Profit Company Bought EdX — What Happens Next?

jyosim summarizes an article at EdSurge: edX, founded by Harvard University and MIT a decade ago as a nonprofit alternative to for-profit online education providers, has agreed [in June] to sell its operations to a for-profit company, 2U. Exactly what that means is only now becoming clear, but many observers have noted that in the end, 2U bought a giant source of leads for students that it can upsell graduate degrees to from its partner colleges. But turning edX into a marketing vehicle is a far cry from the high-minded language used when the nonprofit was founded to bring education to underserved students around the world.

In the article edX CEO and co-founder Anant Agarwal acknowledges there were tough questions after the initial announcement:

But he says that the vast majority of college presidents, provosts and professors he’s spoken with have been reassured by the details of the arrangement. He listed

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