DoNotPay’s ‘robot lawyer’ can now help report potholes or fallen trees to the city, file damage claims

Tired of swerving around the same pothole every day but don’t know how to report it to your city? Already reported it but feel like said report was fired off into the ether, never to be read much less fixed?
DoNotPay, a company that makes annoying processes less annoying through automation, might be able to help. Their “robot lawyer,” as the company calls it, started out as a service meant to help people more easily fight parking tickets. Over time it’s learned a bunch of new tricks, like helping users end tough-to-cancel subscriptions, get refunds they’re owed and more.
Its latest thing? Helping users report issues like potholes, fallen trees/branches and broken streetlights to their city government — and if said issue damaged your property or cost you money, it’ll help get you paid back.
Image Credits: DoNotPay
“It just seems so unfair that if an ordinary American is driving down the street with

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