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Hit a milestone today. Drummer is working with Old School. So the best outliner now is hooked up with the best blogging CMS. Friends are trying it out now and letting me know if the software works, and if my docs work. Exciting moment.

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With Expansion, Legal Innovation Lab Is First to Span Multiple States and Institutions

Innovation for Justice, a legal innovation lab focused on social justice, launched at the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law in 2018, has expanded its operations to form a collaboration with the University of Utah David Eccles School of Business, making it the first cross-discipline, cross-institution, cross-jurisdiction legal innovation lab in the United States.
The collaboration means that graduate-level students from both the University of Utah and the University of Arizona, including law students, will be able to enroll in courses offered by I4J — as the program is called in shorthand.
Three courses will be offered this fall, all conducted virtually, that combine teaching with projects intended to address social justice issues.  Each course will be open to 16 students. This year’s courses will focus on three projects:
Innovation for Justice, in which students will design new initiatives at the intersection of regulatory reform and housing instability, with a

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Netflix Intensifies ‘VPN Ban’ and Targets Residential IP-Addresses Too

Netflix has stepped up its efforts to ban VPN and proxy users from bypassing geographical restrictions. The streaming service is now blocking residential IP addresses too, since some unblocking tools use these to bypass restrictions. This isn’t without collateral damage as many regular Internet users without a VPN now report “missing content” on Netflix. TorrentFreak reports: There is a flurry of complaints on social media from users whose VPN services were suddenly ‘blocked’ by Netflix. Previously, these people couldn’t play any content while using a VPN. That changed last year. Now, VPN users can still see Netflix originals while other content is hidden and blocked. https://torrentfreak.com/netflix-is-less-annoying-to-vpn-users-now-but-some-titles-are-hidden-200618/

Netflix doesn’t explain which IP addresses are blocked and why, but the most recent efforts are much broader than before. This issue was brought to our attention by WeVPN, which noticed that the updated geo-fencing system is blocking its residential IP addresses. These IP

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