2021-08-11 17:20:03

I’ve been looking for this piece forever. It was part of my blog that was wiped out in the transition in May 2017 from 1999.io to Electric Outliner and Old School. I finally had the thought to look in my previous editing system and there it was. I said this: I want my old blog back. I decided that all the crazy michegas in trying to make Twitter, Medium, Facebook, the defunct Google Reader that still limited what we could do with blogs, from its grave, to make all those work with my writing — it wasn’t worth it. All these limits amounted to there was nothing I could write that would make even a small subset of them happy. And no links, titles, bold, italic, or podcasts. Fuck you Facebook. What a bad netizen they are. And Twitter, although I love it, it’s fucked up too. They support every

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