OpenAI upgrades its natural language AI coder Codex and kicks off private beta

OpenAI has already made some big changes to Codex, the AI-powered coding assistant the company announced last month. The system now accepts commands in plain English and outputs live, working code, letting someone build a game or web app without so much as naming a variable. A few lucky coders (and, one assumes, non-coders) will be able to kick the tires on this new Codex API in a free private beta.
Codex is best thought of as OpenAI’s versatile language engine, GPT-3, but trained only on code instead of ordinary written material. That lets it do things like complete lines of code or entire sections, but when it was announced it wasn’t really something a non-coder would be able to easily interact with.
That’s changed with this new API, which interprets ordinary, everyday requests like “make the ball bounce off the sides of the screen” or “download that data using the public

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