History Factory: Using Drupal to Capture History in Real-Time

Completed Drupal site or project URL: https://c19corporatememory.org/The teams at History Factory and Mediacurrent created a solution to capture real-time history of the COVID-19 pandemic for future crisis responses.
About History Factory
History Factory is a pioneering agency dedicated to helping organizations across the globe leverage their heritage to drive brand, marketing, communications and culture initiatives.
“The Mediacurrent team was extremely knowledgeable, communicative, quick to respond to arising issues and worked tirelessly to make our vision a reality.”
Sam Grabel, History Factory Marketing Manager

Mediacurrent also had to find a working solution to the COVID-19 Corporate Memory Project’s content collecting and organizing challenge. Mediacurrent’s developers quickly identified the best approach to model this content so that corporate contributors to the site could provide assets of all types

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OpenAI upgrades its natural language AI coder Codex and kicks off private beta

OpenAI has already made some big changes to Codex, the AI-powered coding assistant the company announced last month. The system now accepts commands in plain English and outputs live, working code, letting someone build a game or web app without so much as naming a variable. A few lucky coders (and, one assumes, non-coders) will be able to kick the tires on this new Codex API in a free private beta.
Codex is best thought of as OpenAI’s versatile language engine, GPT-3, but trained only on code instead of ordinary written material. That lets it do things like complete lines of code or entire sections, but when it was announced it wasn’t really something a non-coder would be able to easily interact with.
That’s changed with this new API, which interprets ordinary, everyday requests like “make the ball bounce off the sides of the screen” or “download that data using the public

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OpenAI’s Codex Turns Written Language Into Computer Code

A new AI system can read written instructions in conversational language and transform it into working computer code. From a report: The model is the latest example of progress in natural language processing (NLP), the ability of AIs to read and write text. But it also points towards a future where coders will be able to offload some of their work to AIs, and where ordinary people may be able to code without actually learning how to code.

Today OpenAI is releasing an improved version of its Codex AI model and releasing it for developers for private developers through its API. Codex is a descendant of OpenAI’s massive text-generating model GPT-3, which was released last summer. But while GPT-3 was trained on a huge quantity of language data taken from the internet — enabling it to read and then complete text prompts submitted by a human user — Codex was

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Game engine, meet game streaming: Unity acquires Parsec for $320M

Enlarge / Unity unites with Parsec in a $320 million deal. (credit: Aurich Lawson)
The parent company of Unity, one of the most popular game development engines in the world, has made arguably its biggest acquisition of another gaming company yet. The deal, announced on Tuesday, sees Unity taking control of Parsec, a peer-to-peer game-streaming protocol. The acquisition is valued at $320 million.
In the years since Unity’s 2005 inception, its tools have been used to make games for pretty much every console, smartphone, and VR platform imaginable. It’s similar to other publicly available game engines like Unreal, as it revolves around a general toolset that can be used to build video games from scratch or expanded upon as developers see fit. Unity users can then nimbly port finished games across a variety of weaker and stronger platforms.
A recent stock market IPO by Unity Technologies infused the company with cash, which

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All of the Rides That Will Be Open During Boo Bash in Disney World

Halloween has arrived in Disney World!
Happy Halloween!
We’re eating our way through lots of Halloween treats, we’ve taken a peek at some of the new Halloween merchandise (including new ears), and tonight we’ll be checking out Disney’s first After Hours Boo Bash! During Boo Bash, you’ll get to enjoy a number of attractions around Magic Kingdom with the benefit of limited capacity. But, just what rides will you get to hop on? We’ve got the full list here!

Boo Bash is a separate ticketed event (like Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party was). That means you need to buy a ticket specific to the event in order to attend, ride attractions during the event period, and more. You do not need a traditional Magic Kingdom park ticket to attend the event. Instead, you’ll only need the Boo Bash ticket.
Boo Bash begins at 9:00 PM or 9:30 PM depending on the date, but guests with

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