EC2-Classic is Retiring – Here’s How to Prepare

Let’s go back to the summer of 2006 and the launch of EC2. We started out with one instance type (the venerable m1.small), security groups, and the venerable US East (N. Virginia) Region. The EC2-Classic network model was flat, with public IP addresses that were assigned at launch time.
Our initial customers saw the value right away and started to put EC2 to use in many different ways. We hosted web sites, supported the launch of Justin.TV, and helped Animoto to scale to a then-amazing 3400 instances when their Facebook app went viral.
Some of the early enhancements to EC2 focused on networking. For example, we added Elastic IP addresses in early 2008 so that addresses could be long-lived and associated with different instances over time if necessary. After that we added Auto Scaling, Load Balancing, and CloudWatch to help you to build highly scalable applications.
Early customers wanted to

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