Amazon’s Elasticsearch Fork ‘OpenSearch’ Reaches General Availability 1.0 Milestone

Mike Melanson’s “This Week in Programming” column shares an update on Amazon’s ongoing battle with scalable data search solution ElasticSearch:
Earlier this year, AWS completed its fork of ElasticSearch with the first release of OpenSearch. If you haven’t followed along, the whole affair was a bit of a tug of war between AWS and Elastic, with AWS eventually coming out seemingly on top. After Elastic changed the licensing on ElasticSearch in an attempt to prevent AWS from selling a service based on the then-open-source project, AWS forked the project to release OpenSearch under Apache 2.0, effectively preserving its open source status.

Now, OpenSearch has reached 1.0, which AWS says not only “marks the first production-ready version of OpenSearch,” but also introduces “multiple new enhancements,” such as data streams, trace analytics span filtering, report scheduling and more. The 1.0 release also involved quite a bit of code cleanup, removing proprietary code and

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