F1 2021 reviewed: Codemasters adds story, keeps the racing sim feeling fresh

As the name suggests, F1 2021 is this year’s official Formula 1 racing sim. [credit:
Electronic Arts

If you’re old enough to have started playing video games by the turn of the century, the words “EA releases a new Formula 1 game” might strike fear into your heart. After all, the gaming behemoth published some pretty bad F1-branded racing games between 2000-2003. But even though this year’s box art has the EA logo on it, F1 2021 still feels solidly like a Codemasters’ game through and through (EA bought the British studio earlier this year).
That’s good news, as Codemasters has been responsible for several extremely good F1 games over the past few years. As ever, the studio’s challenge is to make this year’s installment sufficiently different from last year’s version to get people to open their wallets. For F1 2021, the changes are

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Real Time Linux Server monitoring with GLANCES

Glances is an open-source, real-time Linux server monitoring system that aims at providing as much information as possible in minimal space. Glances is like a top command, but more refined, with many more features & much more real-time information on your Linux system.
Glances provides information regarding memory, CPU, Disk IO, file system, uptime, processes, interfaces, alerts, & many other system metrics.
One of the best features of Glances is that it can work in server/client mode. We can perform remote monitoring of the systems using a web interface or through terminal/CLI, & we can also export stats to a file.
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Fastcase Names Its 11th Annual Class of Fastcase 50 Innovation Honorees

If you are wondering where the innovators are in law, look no farther than the Fastcase 50, the annual award doled out by the legal intelligence company Fastcase that honors 50 of the law’s “smartest, most courageous, innovators, techies, visionaries, and leaders.”
Fastcase today announced its 11th annual Fastcase 50 honorees, which adds up to 550 innovative leaders in law over the lifetime of the awards.
“Each year since the inaugural awards in 2011, the Fastcase 50 award has spotlighted the often under-recognized efforts of pioneers and architects of the future of law and legal technology,” Fastcase said in announcing this latest round.
(Disclosure: I was listed in the inaugural group in 2011.)
This year’s group of honorees is composed of a diverse array of lawyers, legal technologists, law librarians, judges, legal researchers, innovators, and people who are committed to reforming and automating the law.
The Fastcase 50 for 2021 are:
Jason Adaska, Chief Technology Officer,

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Mozilla Firefox 90 Is Now Available for Download, Removes Built-In FTP Support

The biggest change in the Mozilla Firefox 90 release is the deprecation of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) support. Firefox follows in the footsteps of Google Chrome/Chromium, and other web browsers, to no longer allow access to ftp:// links.
Mozilla started deprecating FTP support since Firefox 88, but users were able to re-enable the feature by setting the network.ftp.enabled option from false to true in about:config. But starting with the Firefox 90 release, all FTP code is gone forever and can’t be re-enabled, which means that you’ll have to use a special app to access your FTP sites.
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Linus Torvalds Announces First Linux Kernel 5.14 Release Candidate

While most GNU/Linux distributions are struggling to upgrade their kernels to Linux 5.13, which already got its first point release and is marked as “stable” on the kernel.org website, the kernel developers are busy again with the next major release, Linux kernel 5.14.
The first Release Candidate (RC) is now ready for public testing, as announced by Linus Torvalds, who says that it includes about 13k commits from approximately 1650 developers. Once again, there are big changes for AMD GPU hardware, and all IDE support is now based on libata.
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