The Oatmeal and RSS

This piece started as a Twitter thread.
A few days ago the Oatmeal person lamented that RSS was not a wave anymore. It’s more like a big lake not a roiling ocean. People go boating, have a picnic, swim in RSS-land, but it isn’t like a moon mission or even a Sting concert. 🙂
I responded that RSS could be fun again if people would work with each other. Instead of being in it for their own glory, only — people have to see the benefit of other people and products winning alongside them.
This is not the way tech thinks, or news. They all build self-contained castles. And very rarely do people work together. And that’s why RSS stays where it is. Its growth feeds off collaboration.
People don’t know this, but RSS got its initial wave, the one you all remember so fondly, from a collaboration between UserLand Software

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