Samsung Washing Machine App Requires Access To Your Contacts and Location

For some reason, Samsung apps designed to control internet-connected washer and dryers require “bogus,” “absurd,” “unacceptable,” “pesky,” and “awful” permissions. Motherboard reports: On Wednesday, a Reddit user complained that their washing machine app, the Samsung Smart Washer, wouldn’t work “unless I give it access to my contacts, location and camera.” This is a common complaint. “When I launch the app, the damned thing wants all sort of permissions: location, phone calls, media, and … contacts??? The app won’t work without these permissions,” another Reddit user grumbled last year, referring to another Samsung app — called Smart Home — that requires the same seemingly exaggerated permissions. “Why would the Samsung Smart Home app need access to my contacts?” The reviews for these two apps, both of which have more than a million installs according to their stats on the Google Play store, aren’t very positive either. The Smart Washer App has

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