Faster, Cleaner, Searchier: New Debuts Today

While I could talk all day about more humanistic typefaces and faster page load speeds, you want to know what’s changed. Of course, we’re still dedicated to publishing news, reviews, and How To’s from across the Linux landscape. And our new WordPress install (and you) will make it all possible.
Linux Today Readers  
Not a lot will change. We’ll still publish multiple stories every day. The new backend makes writing, processing, and posting much faster than our previous setup. LinuxToday’s Search Function is faster. Pages load more quickly. And finally, responsive design ensures that the stories stay readable no matter the screen size. 
Linux Today Contributors
Linux Today relies on the work of dozens of Linux journalists and enthusiasts from around the world. For our tireless contributors, we’ve created a more streamlined contribution procedure. On the whole, it should feel familiar.
Five fields and you’re done. We’ve provided a simple text editor, and WordPress does

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