No, Open Source Audacity Audio Editor Is Not ‘Spyware’

Over the Fourth of July weekend, a number of news outlets, including Slashdot, ran stories warning that the free and open-source audio editor Audacity may now be classified as spyware due to recent updates to its privacy policy. Ars Technica’s Jim Salter looked into these claims and found that that is not the case. An anonymous reader shares an excerpt from his report: FOSS-focused personal technology site SlashGear declares that although Audacity is free and open source, new owner Muse Group can “do some pretty damaging changes” — specifically meaning its new privacy policy and telemetry features, described as “overarching and vague.” FOSSPost goes even further, running the headline “Audacity is now a possible spyware, remove it ASAP.” The root of both sites’ concern is the privacy policy instigated by new Audacity owner Muse Group, who already published open source music notation tool MuseScore. The privacy policy, which was last

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