FSF Prioritizes Creation of a Free-Software eBook Reader, Urges Avoiding DRM eBooks

Since most ebook readers run some version of the kernel Linux (with some even run the GNU/Linux operating system), “This puts ebook readers a few steps closer to freedom than other devices,” notes a recent call-to-action in the Free Software Foundation Bulletin.

But with e-ink screens and DRM-laden ebooks, “closing the gap will still require a significant amount of work.”

Accordingly, as we announced at the LibrePlanet 2021 conference, we’ve decided this year to prioritize facilitating the process for an ebook reader to reach the high standards of our Respects Your Freedom (RYF) hardware certification program, whether this means adapting an existing one from a manufacturer, or even contracting its production ourselves…

The free software community has made some good strides in the area of freeing ebooks. Denis “GNUToo” Carikli has composed a page on the LibrePlanet wiki documenting the components of ebook readers and other single-board computers; this has laid

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