IBM’s 18-Month Company-Wide Email System Migration Has Been a Disaster

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Register: IBM’s planned company-wide email migration has gone off the rails, leaving many employees unable to use email or schedule calendar events. And this has been going on for several days. Current and former IBMers have confirmed to The Register that the migration, 18 months in the making, has been a disaster. We’ve been told that email service has been intermittent for the past four or five days, and not everyone has been affected in the same way. Lack of access has been shorter for some — one source told us email was back after two days of downtime. Slack is said to be working though Outlook, Verse (IBM’s webmail), and Notes have been unreliable.

“Outlook won’t work with the new system, IBM Notes won’t work and the online email called Verse has now gone down,” a tipster told us. “Everyone has

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