Linux 5.13 Kernel Released, Includes Apple M1 Support, Clang CFI, and Landlock’s Linux Security Module

“Linus Torvalds has just released the Linux 5.13 kernel as stable,” reports Phoronix:

Linux 5.13 brings initial but still early support for the Apple M1 with basic support but not yet accelerated graphics and a lot more to iron out moving ahead. There are also new Linux 5.13 security features like the Landlock security module, Clang control flow integrity support, and optionally randomizing the kernel stack offset at each system call. There is also AMD fun this cycle around FreeSync HDMI support, initial Aldebaran bring-up, and more. Intel has more work on Alder Lake, a new cooling driver, and more discrete graphics bring-up. There are also other changes for Linux 5.13 around faster IO_uring, a generic USB display driver, and other new hardware enablement.

“5.13 overall is actually fairly large,” Linus Torvalds posted on the Linux Kernel Mailing List, calling it “one of the bigger 5.x releases, with over 16,000 commits

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