Rocky Linux 8.4 Achieves First General Availability Release, Proves Popular

“When Red Hat killed off CentOS Linux in a highly controversial December 2020 announcement, Gregory Kurtzer immediately announced his intention to recreate CentOS with a new distribution named after his deceased mentor,” Ars Technica reported in February.

And this week, “The Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation has announced general availability (GA) of Rocky Linux 8.4,” reports ZDNet. “It’s an important milestone because it’s the first Rocky Linux general availability release ever.”
Huge companies, including Disney, GoDaddy, Rackspace, Toyota and Verizon, relied on CentOS, and they were reportedly not happy about RedHat’s decision… It turns out that Kurtzer’s decision has been a popular one. Besides quickly building up an army of hundreds of contributors for the project, Rocky Linux 8.4 – which follows the May 18 release of Red Hat’s RHEL 8.4 – was downloaded at least 10,000 times within half a day of its release… “If we extrapolate the count to include

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