The glossary in Little Outliner

If you’re new to LO2 the glossary is a pretty unique feature that goes back to Clay Basket in 1995, and was documented as part of Frontier’s website framework. It’s a permanent fixture, very useful, and easy once you know what it does and how it works.
What it is
The glossary is a substitution table. When a term appears in text being rendered, the term is replaced with its value. So you could define an entry called “my blog” (the quotes are part of the definition) and its value would be a link to your blog. At some time in the future if your blog moves, just change the value of “my blog” and links to the blog will change too, when the text is rendered.
Here’s the glossary I use in all my pages. It’s a public outline. It has to be public for it to work, so you

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