Report: Law Librarians Play Key Role In Innovation and Legal Tech

A report out yesterday provides further evidence of a trend I have written about several times in recent years — the increasingly instrumental role law librarians play in innovation and technology adoption.
The 2021 AALL State of the Profession Report, the second such report published by the American Association of Law  Libraries, compiles data from three surveys to provide quantitative insights on such issues as the impact of COVID-19 in law libraries, diversity, budgets, user services, operations, collections, preservation, partnerships, and technology.
A key finding is that law firm and corporate law librarians are instrumental in innovation. More than 95% of such organizations say that law librarians are involved in testing new technology and research products, 97% say they are involved in recommending new products for purchase, and 100% say they are involved in negotiating contracts for products.
I wrote about this trend last year in a column at Above the Law, The

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