New rig!

So, I made a thing.

Completed rig sitting in office/studio

Every so often you just have to rip your studio apart and start over.  During the last year, like everyone else, I did a lot of livestreaming.  As a result I added a bunch of video capability, got a better understanding of how to make some parts of my setup better, and generally messed around with both audio and video.   I got some good work out of it, but I also got such an ungodly tangle of cables and power cords that I was scared it’d become self-aware.  And the iConnect MIDI4+ I’d used as my interface for five years or more was starting to give me grief.   At the very least I needed to rip down the accumulated cabling mess and start over.   But… with the pandemic loosening its grip, and the prospect of some possible live shows

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