2021-05-27 10:52:40

Up for discussion, using Markdown as an outline-interchange format. My outliners will support it if it gains traction, but I don’t think it’s got much of a future. Here’s an example. Markdown is good for what it was designed to do, to be a simple alternative to HTML. You could send someone an email in Markdown, and they wouldn’t have a clue that it was also something a piece of software could turn into a decent web page. I like Markdown for appropriate uses. I’ve been urging Facebook to support Markdown so that their posts could have simple styling and links. But is it useful as an interchange format for outlines? Outlines can have attributes attached at any node, and this is something that Markdown can’t handle without being extended, and it’s questionable whether Markdown can be updated. Further if you start adding technical stuff to Markdown, it stops fulfilling

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