Google’s Mysterious Fuchsia OS Makes its Public Debut

Big under-the-hood changes are coming to Google’s original Nest Hub, even if most users won’t ever be aware of what’s happening. From a report: Starting today, the open-source Fuchsia OS will start rolling out to first-gen Nest Hub displays, according to 9to5Google. In the works since 2016, Fuchsia will land first on Nest Hub devices enrolled in Google’s Preview Program, before arriving more widely on non-Preview Program displays. Don’t expect the user experience to change much, though. 9to5Google notes that the look and feel of Fuchsia OS-powered Nest Hubs will be “essentially identical” to what it was before.

OK, so what’s the big deal about Fuchsia, then? It’s a new, open-source OS that’s decidedly not based on the Linux kernel, as Android and Chrome OS are. Instead, Fuchsia is based on Magneta, which (as we described it back in 2016) is “combination microkernel and set of user-space services and hardware

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