ProctorU abandons business based solely on AI

Image: ProctorU, a leading provider of remote proctoring, is ending one of the ways it sells its services. No longer will colleges be able to purchase a system based solely on artificial intelligence, or AI.

Instead, colleges will be required to purchase systems that involve a human being in analyzing what the video has captured. The company believes this switch will cut down on false positives for cheating and will build support among faculty members.

ProctorU officials also hope to spur change within an industry that has grown and become more controversial during the pandemic.

Jarrod Morgan, a founder of ProctorU and chief strategy officer at Meazure Learning (which owns ProctorU), said that, in theory, the lower-cost services that rely on AI were supposed to have a faculty member analyze the results. But research by the company has found that only about 10 percent of faculty members review the video. A University of Iowa audit

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