A Conversation with David Colarusso, Director of Suffolk Law’s LIT Lab

David Colarusso, director of the Legal Innovation & Technology Lab at Suffolk Law School in Boston, recently joined me for an episode of my Law Insights program on Litera TV.
Among the topics we discussed were the work and mission of the LIT Lab and some of its current projects, such as the CDC Eviction Moratorium Assistant; Spot, an AI-driven issue spotter; Court Forms Online, for filing forms during the pandemic; and Learned Hands, a game for training AI to recognize people’s legal problems.
Here is the recording of our conversation.

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Google Rekindles Interest in RSS

Chrome, at least in its experimental Canary version on Android (and only for users in the U.S.), is getting an interesting update in the coming weeks that brings back RSS, the once-popular format for getting updates from all the sites you love in Google Reader and similar services. From a report: In Chrome, users will soon see a ‘Follow’ feature for sites that support RSS and the browser’s New Tab page will get what is essentially a (very) basic RSS reader — I guess you could almost call it a “Google Reader.” Now we’re not talking about a full-blown RSS reader here. The New Tab page will show you updates from the sites you follow in chronological order, but it doesn’t look like you can easily switch between feeds, for example. It’s a start, though.

“Today, people have many ways to keep up with their favorite websites, including subscribing to

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2021-05-19 17:01:38

The memory of Google Reader may have faded so much that Google appears ready to try again. Even the headline of this TechCrunch article is disturbing. Google did so much damage to RSS, the thought of them “reviving” it is analogous to Exxon reviving the site of some huge oil spill, one that they didn’t contribute to cleaning up. Even worse, browser vendors have no place trying to provide the user interface for RSS. Another toxic dump site. If Google wants to help RSS, great — here’s how. Do the subscribe button, that’s a good thing. But the result should be a dynamic OPML subscription list, that the user can provide to any reader app they want. It’s dynamic in that the contents can change, and the readers should periodically check to see if feeds have been added or removed. This way, if someday Google abandons RSS, again, everything can

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How to Install the Android 12 Beta 1 Today

It’s time for the Android 12 Beta 1—your first chance to try out all the fun new changes to Google’s operating system while facing less of a risk of encountering a nasty bug, taking a performance hit, or running into other beta-bred problems on your primary carry device. Certainly I’d be much more willing to check out…Read more…

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