2021-05-07 13:55:30

BTW I’ve heard it asked — what’s the big deal about Art Show — I could write it in an afternoon. Well maybe you could (actually no you can’t), but that’s not the point. The points are this: 1. Art and 2. A community of curators doing it for love. But really it’s about #1. It’s nice to add art to your life where ever it makes sense. Beautiful images scrolling through the screen of a computer is a good thing, if that’s what you like. If my development work ever was about prowess, that part of my life is long-gone. It’s something young people worry about. Perhaps a residual part of the mating dance. As you get older, you’re constantly reminded that you have no prowess. And gentler things, like appreciating other people’s artistic visions, come to the front. So why do Art Show? It’s the art, dummy! ????

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