2021-04-14 15:27:02

Drummer is going to be the anti-silo, as Frontier was. What this meant for Frontier is when we saw a new protocol, our first impulse was to implement it. I wanted it to be able to communicate with anything. A silo’d outliner would instead usually not to support a protocol, and implement everything itself. Watching Roam, I’d say they are a half-silo. When it comes to exporting content from Roam they seem to be fairly liberal. They don’t want to implement their own blogging software, for example, they’d prefer to export to a static site generator. But, they are fairly closed to allowing other editing tools to be able to push content into their graph. I wanted to see how at least some of my writing here on Scripting News, in outlines, would look in their graph. As far as I can tell, it might be possible to do, but

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