Judge Denies ROSS’s Motion to Dismiss Thomson Reuters’ Copyright Lawsuit

The judge in the copyright lawsuit brought by Thomson Reuters against ROSS Intelligence has denied ROSS’s motion to dismiss the case, finding that TR’s allegations are sufficient to allow the case to proceed to discovery.
In a memorandum opinion issued yesterday, Delaware U.S. District Chief Judge Leonard P. Stark ruled that TR had sufficiently alleged the four elements of a copyright claim: the original works that are the subject of the claim, ownership of the copyrights in those works, registration with the U.S. Copyright Office, and the acts by which ROSS is alleged to have infringed the copyright.
Read the full memorandum opinion.
Although ROSS argued in its motion to dismiss that Westlaw content is not copyrightable as containing government information, Judge Stark said that, under federal copyright law, a valid certificate of copyright registration is prima facie evidence of the copyright’s validity.
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TR’s complaint alleges that it registers

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