Warner Bros. Will Return To Theatrical Releases In 2022, Ending Its HBO Max Experiment

According to Deadline, Warner Bros. will return to releasing its theatrical films exclusively in theaters next year, ending the studio’s 2021 experiment of releasing major films simultaneously on its HBO Max streaming service and in theaters for the first 30 days they’re released. The Verge reports: The news comes as part of an announcement from Warner Bros. of a new deal with Regal cinemas owner Cineworld, the second largest theater chain in the world. After over six months of shutdowns, Regal’s theaters will reopen in April, and they’ll begin showing Warner Bros. films like Kong vs. Godzilla and Mortal Kombat alongside their HBO Max debuts. When Warner Bros. films come back to theaters in 2022, Regal theaters will once again have full exclusivity (with no HBO Max or paid streaming rental competition). But that exclusivity window will be for a much shorter amount of time: Regal will only have a

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