Former ROSS CEO Leaps from Law to Medicine with New Startup

After a copyright lawsuit forced the company he cofounded to shut down last December, Andrew Arruda, the cofounder and former CEO of legal research startup ROSS Intelligence, has now taken the helm as CEO of a new software company, this time in the medical field.
Arruda announced the company, Automate Medical, in a post yesterday on Medium. The company plans to develop products to digitize data from diagnostic tests and lab reports and then create analytic dashboards for health professionals to interpret and analyze that data.
Joining Arruda as a cofounder and COO is Thomas Hamilton, who was vice president of strategy and operations at ROSS. A third cofounder and CTO is Joshua Kelly, who was formerly CTO at
Arruda said that Automate Medical has raised a pre-seed round of $2 million, led by Apollo Projects, an investment fund formed last year by Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI and the former president

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