Popular YouTubers Are Building Their Own Sites

An anonymous reader shares a report: Whether he’s showing off astronomically expensive computer gaming hardware or dumpster-diving for the cheapest PC builds possible, Linus Sebastian’s videos always strike a chord, and have made him one of the most popular tech personalities on YouTube. But Google-owned YouTube gets most episodes of Linus Tech Tips a week late. Now, they debut on his own site called Floatplane, which attracts a much smaller crowd. “Google has been very, very good to me,” Linus says. “But it’s a lot of eggs in one basket.” And with a staff of two dozen, he cannot rely on the company to continue being what he calls his “benevolent overlord”. He is not the only YouTube star looking for alternatives.

For a long time there have been tensions between those creating content on YouTube and the company providing the platform, ranging from disputes about ad revenue, to copyright

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