Will The Next Raspberry Pi CPU Have Built-in Machine Learning?

“At the recent tinyML Summit 2021, Raspberry Pi co-founder Eben Upton teased the future of ‘Pi Silicon’,” writes Tom’s Hardware, adding “It looks like machine learning could see a massive improvement thanks to Raspberry Pi’s news in-house chip development team…”

Raspberry Pi’s in-house application specific integrated circuit team are working on the next iteration, and seems to be focused on lightweight accelerators for ultra low power machine learning applications. During Upton’s talk at 40 minutes the slide changes and we see “Future Directions,” a slide that shows three current generation ‘Pi Silicon’ boards, two of which are from board partners, SparkFun’s MicroMod RP2040 and Arduino’s Nano RP2040 Connect. The third is from ArduCam and they are working on the ArduCam Pico4ML which incorporates machine learning, camera, microphone and screen into a the Pico package.

The last bullet point hints at what the future silicon could be. It may come in the

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