My Twitter newsletter is not off to a roaring start

I started a newsletter using Twitter’s newly acquired service, just to see how it worked. Four people subscribed. The email went out last night at midnight. Here’s the report.
Since no one read the newsletter, I thought I should post the content here. Why waste some good off-the-top-of-my-head writing?
What I want, and will accept no less, is to be able to use my editor, my writing space. Ask any writer how they like to write, and they’ll tell you that they like to write where they write. Forcing me to use your tool says you have an attitude of world domination. Unfortunately quite a few other tech companies have the world domination strategy. This is how we get silos, and how we create weak tools and limit communication. At a time where we need better communication tools.
Also one other question? Why don’t they suck in my tweets? What a missed

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