Python Turns 30. A Steering Council Member Reflects

Today is the 30th anniversary of the Python programming language, “which has never been more popular, arguably thanks to the rise of data science and AI projects in the enterprise,” writes Venture Beat.

To celebrate the historical releases file has been updated to include Guido van Rossum’s original 0.9.1 beta release from 1991. (Its ReadMe file advises that Python 0.9 “can be used instead of shell, Awk or Perl scripts, to write prototypes of real applications, or as an extension language of large systems, you name it.”)
And meanwhile, VentureBeat interviewed Pablo Galindo, one of the five members of the 2021 Python Steering Council and a software engineer at Bloomberg:
VentureBeat: What’s your current assessment of Python?

Galindo: Python is a very mature language, and it has evolved. It also has a bunch of things that it carries over. Python has some baggage that nowadays feels a bit old, but

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