Apple urged to root out rating scams as developer highlights ugly cost of enforcement failure

Apple is facing calls to beef up enforcement against fake reviews and rating scams after a developer took to social media to shine a light on unfair practices he’s forced to compete with as a result of fraudulent activity on the App Store not being rooted out by the tech giant.
Kosta Eleftheriou, one of the founders of the Fleksy keyboard app (who was acquihired by Pinterest in 2016), has — since March 2018 — been applying his expertise in autocorrect algorithms to make typing on the Apple Watch’s tiny screen not only possible but “simple, enjoyable and highly effective”, as Forbes’ reviewer put it.

The App Store has a big problem
You: an honest developer, working hard to improve your IAP conversions.Your competitor: a $2M/year scam running rampant.
— Kosta Eleftheriou (@keleftheriou) January 31, 2021

His app, FlickType, has also been described by app reviewers as “astonishingly accurate”, a “fundamentally better keyboard” and “way

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