Domain Stolen, Now Using IP Address of Past Malware Campaigns

“The domain name was stolen and now points to an IP address associated with malware campaigns,” reports Bleeping Computer: is a site owned by Tom Christiansen and has been used since 1997 to post news and articles about the Perl programming language. On January 27th, Perl programming author and editor brian d foy tweeted that the domain was suddenly registered under another person. Intellectual property lawyer John Berryhill later replied to the tweet that the domain was stolen in September 2020 while at Network Solutions, transferred to a registrar in China on Christmas Day, and finally moved to the Key-Systems registrar on January 27th, 2020.

It wasn’t until the last transfer that the IP addresses assigned to the domain were changed from to the Google Cloud IP address 35.186.238[.]101…

On the 28th, d foy tweeted that they have set up temporarily at for users

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