Why Red Hat killed CentOS—a CentOS board member speaks

Enlarge / CentOS Linux will be sleeping with the fishes in 2022. (credit: Aurich Lawson / Getty Images)
This morning, The Register’s Tim Anderson published excerpts of an interview with the CentOS project’s Brian Exelbierd. Exelbierd is a member of the CentOS board and its official liaison with Red Hat.
Exelbierd spoke to Anderson to give an insider’s perspective on Red Hat’s effective termination of CentOS Linux in December, in which the open source giant announced CentOS Linux was to be deprecated immediately—with security upgrades to CentOS Linux 8 ending later in 2021 rather than the 2029 end of support date CentOS users expected.
The tail mustn’t wag the dog
“CentOS is a [Red Hat] sponsored project,” Exelbierd told the Register. “We are the funding agent (the entity which receives and disburses grants), and we also happen to be a heavy contributor. We have learned that open source communities do well with independence. We

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