In Latest Litigation Gambit, ROSS Files Antitrust Claim Against Thomson Reuters, Alleging Research Monopoly

In the continuing litigation between now-shuttered legal research startup ROSS Intelligence and long-established legal research giant Thomson Reuters, ROSS today filed an amended answer in which it raises a new counterclaim, asserting that TR is violating federal antitrust law by maintaining monopolistic and anticompetitive control over the legal research market.
“Westlaw has for far too long impermissibly controlled legal research and restricted access to the public law,” ROSS cofounder and CEO Andrew Arruda told my by email. “Enough is enough. We started ROSS with the mission to democratize law because the law belongs to the people. We will now fight in court to preserve that mission and end Westlaw’s monopoly on access to public law.”
As I reported here in December, TR’s lawsuit against ROSS alleging copyright infringement has forced ROSS to shut down its operations effective Jan. 31. But ROSS has vowed to continue fighting the lawsuit, which it characterizes as

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